Thursday, April 12, 2012


eyes of brown sugar backed by
a smile of blue
she sought
continuity of curvature
to speak without the utterance of one sound
but i heard every word
all the makings of
a classic
beauty by
mine own standards
  • she defined purpose in her stance

  • others reveled in the obvious

  • and i

  • longed for what was

  • deeper

  • my

  • mind was tickled and giggled at

  • reasonings that filled her that

  • soared above the minds of the average

  • i was awed

  • she wasnt impressed

  • "its just me"

  • she said

  • as i

  • marveled at the caramel simmering

  • beneath

  • this fleshy kettle of fire

  • and traced lines with invisible fingers

    that merely started at her legs

    and ended at infinity

    so it is unneccesary to comment


    the caress is forever

    rooted to both earth and man by locs of Queendom

    and the heart by sincereity

    and the eyes by a smile of blue

    an unshakable essence

    she possessed

    that i wished to bottle

    but who can bottle the spirit that is free



    what intrigued ur mind from Genesis


    returning her smile to blue

    i pray that if i were to be haunted

    she would be my tormentor


    if i were to be blessed

    she would don the wings

    of my

    guardian angel

    locs of wool caressing the

    side of my cheek as

    eyes meet and

    lips contact

    and meld into

    this sweat inducing dream

    i smell her breathing
    i feel her cry
    i arise
    who arrives
    i came before i went
    fight the feeling i must the desire to

    crush the memory of this nymph into my soul
    she is forever etched there and
    i have never


    than the 

    of she with the smile of blue