Friday, May 8, 2009

Be Easy My Soul

Be Easy My Soul
I long for
dense coastlines,
black sand beaches,
surf rinsing my mind clean,
I want to touch what the sky reaches,
I just want away...
with my conscience on mute,
no strings attached like a prostitute...
i'm tired...
I pray not to have my path set right,
but a change of pace toward a new colored light,
tired of blue colored light...
ekg'z show my heart beating out pain in morse code..
away from the jungle in my head that are the dense tangle of
emotion trees,
& moral bushes,
common sense fruit,
do whut i gotta do creeks,
dat run backward & I
left my paddle somewhere,
last week?..
I hear music but cant replay it,
songs but can't sing,
my choir is a cacaphony of
misey, & I

keep askin

for it all!!
wtf is my problem?
guess I dont learn too good..
this trail I walk runs in circles...its only 10miles long..
so around and round I plod
with nothing gained but more jungle,
my legs hurt,
my feet pang,
my nose bleeds from the migraine
I keep thinking I caused,
I look in the mirror & see the Shadow Man..
Be Easy My Soul..
im tired..
so tired

Amid a Blur of Colors

Amid a Blur of Colors

my mind dwells in the rinse water of a painter's studio,
my reasoning less sound and stark,
less reds or blues more purples,

half mixed concoctions,
stress like liquid thinner,
my resolve dissolving,
so where before i had purple
now emotions give my person too many shades 2 choose from,

They choose ME!
what to do what to do when black & white lend their essence to
bright primary logic &
birth hybrid reason,
beautiful on there own

so hard to match,
I so need 2 b refreshed,
lest the colors i detest dry & mar my picture,
Pray the the artist 2 rerender my abstract into something i can comprehend,
so now the green trees & houses with chimneys are
swirls of thought & color,
& my thoughts definition is merely
YOUR perception of the now
reasonable issues no longer base my images,
Degas gives way 2 Dali,
where is the artistic hand who will
solidify this emo-esque existence or
who will embrace this WhirlWind of "huh" in their frame of acceptance,
& display me on the wall in response saying
"I do understand,

ur hand i will steady, ur heart I will ease?"
when will the 1st bold stroke be made?