Wednesday, July 4, 2012

D.U..ET. (a poem by Christopher Lee & Kalonia Jennings

glanced at the image of her shadow in my mind
and had never laid eyes on her

* I touch his face and kiss his lips
as he daydreams
waiting for Him to discover me
as his star

caught the faint whisper of a sweet scent
as if she had passed in the night..
she lingers there and
sweetens the back of my palate

* I leave messages of my love for him
on the winds. With strict instructions
that they stay til he closes his eyes and savors me

that familiarity is
what has me smitten
the sweetest deja vu i have ever witnessed

* So long, I have been with him
I am a memory
So long apart
I am a dream
I am always faithful

i rely on her smile
hinge my moods on her lips
dream of the cascade of
sweet serenades
that she
reads to me from Books never published
but she scribes deeply into my heart

* pen in hand
I find the words in me
I bleed from our separation
and I write those words invisible
for him to find

skin on skin on sin but what can be wrong about a dream?
a dream of
eye to eye... open gazed orgasmic expressions
never look away

* looking deeply behind his eyes
I see more than pleasure of the flesh
but, of the soul, heart and mind

I'm captivated by the faces u make 
even when u
i study movements i have never seen
she sways with a dance beneath my caress
and i
i relive ecstasy
just being in her presence

* if only I could find you
I would recount the moments
we spend together in our minds

i think
i think she would

* I would cry

and i would
starting with the smiling curve of her bottom lip
or maybe she..
maybe she would
nuzzle me with her nose
evoking a blush

* I feel so safe in my innocence
with you

or maybe i
maybe i would
urge her to an upper position and
her locs would tickle my nose

* stroking my cheeks across his beard
to create memories
listening to the sound he makes
when he shifts in his sleep

its the little things

*it's the little things

singular drop of sweat from her brow onto my lip

* the way he licks his lips and smiles

the tingle of her bangles in the summer night

* the way he holds my hand before he kisses it

the gentle,
gentle giggles elicited from
a joke whispered in private

* the gravity in his voice when he laughs

the feel of her softness...

* the feel of his strength

i want to press her into me
and take her
aura home

* I want to relax into him
and breathe deep

like she is the
master copy
and i
i wear the imprint

* he is the prototype
and I am the blueprint

we are the perfect notes to an unwritten melody
the perfect duet
yet we sing alone 


Thursday, April 12, 2012


eyes of brown sugar backed by
a smile of blue
she sought
continuity of curvature
to speak without the utterance of one sound
but i heard every word
all the makings of
a classic
beauty by
mine own standards
  • she defined purpose in her stance

  • others reveled in the obvious

  • and i

  • longed for what was

  • deeper

  • my

  • mind was tickled and giggled at

  • reasonings that filled her that

  • soared above the minds of the average

  • i was awed

  • she wasnt impressed

  • "its just me"

  • she said

  • as i

  • marveled at the caramel simmering

  • beneath

  • this fleshy kettle of fire

  • and traced lines with invisible fingers

    that merely started at her legs

    and ended at infinity

    so it is unneccesary to comment


    the caress is forever

    rooted to both earth and man by locs of Queendom

    and the heart by sincereity

    and the eyes by a smile of blue

    an unshakable essence

    she possessed

    that i wished to bottle

    but who can bottle the spirit that is free



    what intrigued ur mind from Genesis


    returning her smile to blue

    i pray that if i were to be haunted

    she would be my tormentor


    if i were to be blessed

    she would don the wings

    of my

    guardian angel

    locs of wool caressing the

    side of my cheek as

    eyes meet and

    lips contact

    and meld into

    this sweat inducing dream

    i smell her breathing
    i feel her cry
    i arise
    who arrives
    i came before i went
    fight the feeling i must the desire to

    crush the memory of this nymph into my soul
    she is forever etched there and
    i have never


    than the 

    of she with the smile of blue

Saturday, March 24, 2012

..In regard to my search for the perfect sunset

I think she probably scribed

the most perfect lines across the crown of the sky

that I had ever seen

Shining light into the lowest valleys and

Burning the glades and their shade with a

Quiet brilliance

Even thru her haze she managed to illuminate

other dark days

And with subtleness show us all another way

She Darkened my melanin and showed me ways to be a black man


She reminded me of my mother

Warming cool days and making things alright again

or At least to endurable for now

I watched her pursue her dream as she settled in the west every night.

Oft i dreamed of pursuing her but

she ran too swiftly along her track

So far away she would wander

I wondered if she would come back..

Alas for the wings of Nike

I would give a jewel

To follow just once

But in my 3rd eye I knew only a God

could look in her eye

I half-human

So every eve I would pray her vision not see tears

as I sit along the coast of the Pacific and

watch her explode into arrays of amazing color..

reaching out

as if she were rubbing my hand to say

"Maybe one day

Never is always worse than late

Who knows what sayeth the Fates.."

And if not for this human and weak body

I would sit forever on this beach


but happily regret

My failure to capture

The perfect sunset

Chris Lee



Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waltz Of The Colors PT.1 (a dynamic Collaboration of Emotion) designed byChelleBell/WreckAB

warmed me up like the 1st day of spring ,

She surprised I in her Sunshine State,
Wish to know flowers
Wish to know hours on end enveloped in
And I

Just He and I
his hand over the small of my back
hands playing in his locs,
mind is on one thing,
staying in the moment with this King
his diary,
whispered to me all his pain and defeat
no tears
just ink
flowing with each word
gently caressing

into the hold
of her soul,
wanted me to see
wanted familiarity with
Longed for the dance
Shared In Our Minds
was so inevitable

kiss his words...
making this dance sacred
his thoughts
from pain and defeat
conquer and retreat
...the pace of this dance
moves a little
faster than before
....phrases forming
my ears
yearning for me....
i will never tell
express it all to

had body
I gave SHE curves,
the stanzas
in verse
all care to the wind ..
all whispers silent
.. blanket my private
... intuition with ur
sultry essence
the inkletting

don't bend unless it BE
to the will of this
sexy serenade of the pens...
like I never knew how like
I never was able
insects of men she has made
but ME
she made KING??
Grateful to the offering..
pauper in the inkwell,
until her
thoughts sex with mine..

feelin some kinda way
feel the rhythm of my strokes,

its like being the
yellow, red or green crayon
in the crayon box..
im stuck like glue...
to be peeled off the palms of school kids