Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the Flies

Oh yea.. I know this dance
Very well
Misunderstandings misdirect missions against a misconduct
That doesn't exist
What a two step
And after promising my heart
That I would care no longer
Damn it there that bitch goes
Caught up, then playing catch up
When I really dont know the answers, shit, sometimes not even the questions..
Shit just falls apart
Names get flung to all corners
And titles immediately assigned
Lord of the Flies
Cant see the forest for the trees
So now the mole hill is mountainous
Again and
The Lord stands alone
But not in a regal way
Just kind of
Standing alone
In a human way
The words are pressing against my skull now i cant get them out fast enough
Until all explodes into a catastrophic mess
Of words and pain and tears
And confusion
And that mass eats all
Digests the hurt it once
Breaks down the reasons until they dont give a fuck anymore
The reasons dont fight long
They only kick a little bit as they fade to black
Im sure its painless
Tho I feel the numb ache for some time after
Dont even know what i want from love any more
It will devour u whole
And I will only allow i to eat
Never be eaten
Food chain be damned
Where is my throne
Let me sit again
I am the Lord
The Lord of The Flies