Saturday, March 24, 2012

..In regard to my search for the perfect sunset

I think she probably scribed

the most perfect lines across the crown of the sky

that I had ever seen

Shining light into the lowest valleys and

Burning the glades and their shade with a

Quiet brilliance

Even thru her haze she managed to illuminate

other dark days

And with subtleness show us all another way

She Darkened my melanin and showed me ways to be a black man


She reminded me of my mother

Warming cool days and making things alright again

or At least to endurable for now

I watched her pursue her dream as she settled in the west every night.

Oft i dreamed of pursuing her but

she ran too swiftly along her track

So far away she would wander

I wondered if she would come back..

Alas for the wings of Nike

I would give a jewel

To follow just once

But in my 3rd eye I knew only a God

could look in her eye

I half-human

So every eve I would pray her vision not see tears

as I sit along the coast of the Pacific and

watch her explode into arrays of amazing color..

reaching out

as if she were rubbing my hand to say

"Maybe one day

Never is always worse than late

Who knows what sayeth the Fates.."

And if not for this human and weak body

I would sit forever on this beach


but happily regret

My failure to capture

The perfect sunset

Chris Lee



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