Friday, May 8, 2009

Amid a Blur of Colors

Amid a Blur of Colors

my mind dwells in the rinse water of a painter's studio,
my reasoning less sound and stark,
less reds or blues more purples,

half mixed concoctions,
stress like liquid thinner,
my resolve dissolving,
so where before i had purple
now emotions give my person too many shades 2 choose from,

They choose ME!
what to do what to do when black & white lend their essence to
bright primary logic &
birth hybrid reason,
beautiful on there own

so hard to match,
I so need 2 b refreshed,
lest the colors i detest dry & mar my picture,
Pray the the artist 2 rerender my abstract into something i can comprehend,
so now the green trees & houses with chimneys are
swirls of thought & color,
& my thoughts definition is merely
YOUR perception of the now
reasonable issues no longer base my images,
Degas gives way 2 Dali,
where is the artistic hand who will
solidify this emo-esque existence or
who will embrace this WhirlWind of "huh" in their frame of acceptance,
& display me on the wall in response saying
"I do understand,

ur hand i will steady, ur heart I will ease?"
when will the 1st bold stroke be made?


  1. emo-esque?
    I truly love this piece!
    Keep it up, my man!

  2. i don't know why i'm your favorite poet lol! i can't write like you homie! nice drop AS ALWAYS! thanks for sharing your words...