Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lament Of The Stone Soldier

I was erected many cycles before her birth

a monument to all men..with my proud stone sword i

watched thru the portal of her father's window

as she was born and

rejoiced silently for these lips are stone...

she played among my feet as a toddler and i

envisioned her as a proud warrior...

such a precious child..from then i wanted to tell

her two words...

but i could not

for these lips are stone.

i watched young men woo her as she gained age and

felt a small amount of envy

their arms could caress her

tho i kno i couldn't feel a thing..

how soft she must be..

she took up the spear and gave her life to her country..

i watched with intense agony as battle loomed on the horizon..

and always rejoiced when she returned

bloody from the battle scarred but not ruined...

lauded by the peoples in the square as a heroine..


every time they paraded her near me...

our eyes would meet..

her's living

mine own stone..

my tongue longed to utter two words lips were stone..

once she returned and the blood was not her enemy's but her own..

i feared her injuries were mortal and i

stood guard and

peeked thru her father's,

now her bedroom

as she battled fever and

returned victorious..

two words still on my lips..

her eyes lined as years passed and

she took on the hair gray of a distinguished woman..

leading legions thru delegations and senate

i watched them all..

i drew my sword when her heart was broken and

wept silently as she bore

the agony of childbirth..

but she survived even this and

my lips still could not utter those two word..

stone as they were..

age catapulted into her lifeline and

she faced the inevitability of all who

can actively live

and love..

the reaper visited her door with a gift in hand one nite.

she lay sick..

old in age..

weak so as not to recover..

and i was heartbroken.. for

she would pass before i could tell her..

"you`re beautiful"

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