Monday, August 9, 2010

The Call (inspired By Terri Rochelle Savage's Prose of the same name)

this wet/dry
daydream of u
breaks any oasis of pain i inhabit outside.. i
need ur body to call... 911
emerge this emergency.. relieve this disaster.. caress something
with your vivid colors..
of love...
does it have a scent?
teach it to me...
enough of these words
talk to me informally..
envelop me in you and enact your magic
not concerned... about the words outside..
seduce me like Delilah
and i will adore you and my dreads will be yours
their strength already gone..
reverse the myth my love...
i see your temple as my personal retreat from
this doesn't want me...
this only wants what it wants..
will u call me? your lips the holding tank for your passions
my flesh
await i do thus for reality.. imagination is such a tease...
engross me in a hold unlike any other and
grasp tightly my shoulders as i take u away with me..
this world is mine..
Queen reign in this decrepit existence i lead
and throttle my emotions with your humanity...
i await the call....

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