Wednesday, February 26, 2014

...An Idea of Love

Tends to the stripes ripped into my Life
With a Slow Hand...
Envelops my Suffering like
The Soft Glow
from a subdued Moonbeam..
Collect Starlight and
share the Sparkles from
 in order to Create
Shimmering New Stories in the Heavens..
Generations Upon Generations
Will fall in Love a million times with Our Tale
Relive our Essence..
Rebirthing Our Love
over AND over
The Eyes of Angels tear up anew
for this Creation of Ours is Legendary..
Only able to be described
Alongside the Likes of  Cleopatra and Marc Antony,
Isis and Osyrus,
 Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis..
Rah and
All Creation..
I can only hope to Live up to Her Sunshine
I wish
She would Write with Me..
Our Verse a New Baby
With a Heart of Cotton,
The Strength of Steel..
Aware of its Intent
Unwaware of the
ABsolute Feeling of Its Origin

An Evolution of Thoughts
An Idea of Love