Friday, December 27, 2013

Confessions In the Gardens of Peru

~Confessions in the Gardens of Peru~

Chris Lee:
What have we started?

Tammy LC:
I am not sure, but if not knowing feels this good, then I don't care to know.
So what do you think we've started? A fire that is out of control?
Or a fire that works its magic? Warms up our souls and leaves
traces of love at our door? What have we started?

Chris Lee:
It's a fire that warms long cold embers and reminds me of.......
The Gardens of Peru... Secret but so known to us,
but unknown as well because the expected
was wonderful, and the unexpected was solace. Where the accent of she enabled
me to close my eyes, and experience free....

Tammy LC:
The warmest fire my cold has ever witnessed. A fire that burns down despair,
and lights up a flare of sweet sounding melodies.
So tender it numbs our ears,and kidnaps our fears.
Distracts our minds with a sweet taste of wine that keeps us drunk,
high, and make us forget about the painful past and its lies.
Yes my dear, let us meet in the Gardens of Peru and continue this write.
Keep spoiling my senses and massage my inner.

Chris Lee:
Jah knows I need free. These chains have rusted around my aura,
and a film has began to overcoat my 3rd eye, and my heart
denies my soul it's existence, and my interior is so very empty.
Somehow I still smell your scent on my emotions,
and the bonds begin to loosen.

Tammy LC:
Yes, I want to lead you to my free, and nurture your flee.
For those dark and lonely cuffs that has you in shackles
by the pain of a tree. My scent finally caught
up with emotions of your possess.

Chris Lee:
I want to learn your body like an intricate acoustic guitar,
and then, play the Melody back to your soul.

Tammy LC:
I long to play your unique bolt and become that part of your inner rock star.

Chris Lee:
We've allowed room for error, but nearly reached perfection, a wonderful opera
of words and tales and you. And I and ambition, an ambition for what you hold only
stated by the smell of your hair against my chest in the morn.

Tammy LC:
I will gently rock each beat that your beautiful soul releases with each
string that carries the flame of your love beat.
I will award your spirit in my write. With each chapter I feel
your being inside of each vein that forces me to press
out some more love instead. Red becomes my ink now, from love,
life, and harmony. Yes baby, let us continue
the tone that is marked with melodies of my mental seduce of pure ecstasy.

Chris Lee:
Why do you open up to me? Your words and motions and moans
surpass even the brilliant colors and hues of all the crayola boxes
in the world, as if they were all emptied onto this table,
and that couch and yonder bed, and yonder bed.
The window closed tightly. You seduce me by the slitted light
passing thru the blinds. Your very touch like the fire fueled
by the Vulcan to forge me into a weapon of the purest ecstasy,
and caused senses to erupt in me that had long lain dormant.
  Who are you? You wonderfully brown Angel.
Your lips carved from the cliffs of living
mountains  and then softened by the trials of love... to match my kiss...
Your voice whispered into a conch shell, and then tempered for
ages and pressed into the sounds of your laughter.

Tammy LC:
I am the one that your heart demanded. I am the one that your
soul commanded to be. That raw pure truth that your life deserves in me.
Submerged no more. Only sustain, and love gain is accumulating
inside of your no more locked door.
I am sent from within yourself. You dreamed me,
and made me your reality of your wish come true, eternity.

Chris Lee:
Your eyes... borrowed from the design of Isis herself,
and consigned to your body to gaze upon my melting heart.
Are you the secret? The sweet Garden of Peru?

Tammy LC:
Wake up, you're not dreaming anymore. I breathe, I bleed,
and each beat in my beats is the reality of me. I'm your real.
To not be awake would mean that you are missing my passing thru.
For passing the truth would be a crime inflicted by false denies of not
claiming what is rightfully mine. Wait, rightfully yours,
because love behind glass will deny you the view to the windows
of my heaven. Find your truth, and stare at me.
I am your confession in the beautiful Garden of Peru~

© 2013 Chris Lee & Tammy Lisa Carmen (Tammy LC)

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