Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i resort 2 daydreams
when the night seems too dark,
sometimes the sunrise is even bloodless,
i, exhale troubles away,
in other ways that,
the inbox crowd cant decipher,
i daydream,
of penning daydreams
that daydream
about cyphers,
i float on waning breezes,
warm updrafts,
loving looks,
don't touch me unless its with your smile,
so at times i guess
i daydream
that the daydream
was real,
all that i pen are daydreams,
hoping that scribing the bad things
will help them heal,
i calm in dreams
but spirits
never cease,
in real life real world MTV ills,
they ain't seen the half,
of what i have,
i haven't seen a quarter of what he has,
he hasn't seen a third if what she has,
we all dream the pain will ease
leave peace in its wake...
I Dream

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