Tuesday, August 17, 2010


some dwell on weary knowledge caressed by the wary..
too much caution..
life has made them afraid to live..
Cocooned in a dense wrap of insecurities..
i myself hang from the silks..
my spirit subdued at times..
my fervor has fever.. unaware of the possibilities..
is this why i sit..?.
and reach out thru my eyes and ears and drink in ur stories..
my approach is vampiric in nature but i
need to feel ur essence to remind me that im still human
live in senses.. i..
cry with strangers..
fall in love with recluses and gypsies..
your stability is not mine own..
i prefer the edge..
i open her words and see life in movies on no screen
but my third..
in parallel..
with my own script..
pryin for more pages..
i write up empty sheets.. and drain more wisdom from ur life...
and am
matured and relaxed..
blow smoke i..
am not the only one.. subtly subject myself to your pain and your wants and needs
and make them mine..
i will suffer with you but not just to aid u
but to remind me..
do not claim depth of knowledge or wisdom because what i know
..i got from you.
i am duly impressed at times at the stark colors some present..
yea some know what emotion wrought purple
..and black and
smoky and
misty and clear..
opaque mind of mine...
i reflect the essence of all i am around...
subtle tho..
like that hint of hickory wood smoke on well cooked meats..
you know i'm there but
you just don't know where

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