Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lyricists are at the root of all music,every movement, words, at the soul of every war, every make out session, every make-UP session, every scripture of his Torah, her Quaran, their Bible,
my hip-hop,
somebody's country or Rock or Reggae,or Blues , physical expressions of somebody's internal tears or internal fears or I'm sorry or
or my struggle makes me wanna kick it or I done finally made it out of this ghetto dawg, come kick it with me, or
throw roses on hip hop cause hip hop is DEAD
or how you gon say hip hop is dead homie we still rockin down here or you fools done took this the wrong mufuckin way, or all i'm sayin is make the words count....that's all I'm really saying....
But don't sweat the details
Ice Tea told me "Freedom of Speech just watch what you say nigga"
Cause Rome wasn't the only country with a classic period
shit I come from a Classy People who
forgot/ignore/don't realize
...The birth place of written language....shouldn't that also be the birthplace of Literature?....Gotta dance to tell the story tho....gotta sing to the congas, to tell the tale tho,gotta hit the booth to tell the story, gotta pen and pad it to tell mystory herstory

.....maybe then we can make music....
my babies future favorites that'll they'll look back on when they're with their children's children

and be like "Remember when he said...."

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